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Principal's Message

Welcome to the Brokaw website and to SD308.  We are a school whose mission statement is To foster the learning and growth of all children.  As a staff, we collaborate to provide developmentally appropriate practices to ensure all children are learning and growing.  Below is a description of the education your child will receive while a part of the Brokaw Family.  The information is adapted from the webinar Getting on the Same Page; Helping Parents and Families Understand Developmentally Appropriate Practices by Gaye Gronlund (2015).  
Age Appropriate:
Young children learn differently than older children.
Therefore, at our program we pay attention to what we know about child development and turn to the recommendations from the State of Illinois about what kinds of learning experiences are best for children at different ages.
Individually Appropriate:
Every child is a unique learner with strengths, interests, personality traits, learning styles, and areas that are more challenging.
Therefore, at our program we try to get to know each of your children well and build on your child’s strengths and interests, recognize and work with your child’s personality and learning styles, and provide support in the areas that are more challenging.
Socially & Culturally Appropriate:
Every child comes from a unique family with a cultural heritage, values, and history. Therefore, at our program we want to get to know your family well and invite you to share with us more about your family life.
We will try to provide your child with experiences and materials that offer a mirror to reflect your family’s heritage as well as a window on other families’ experiences.
Teaching and Learning:
Teaching looks different in early childhood programs than in later grades. You will notice we act as guides and facilitators to the children more than lecturers.
We want to assure you that as we work alongside your child we are planning ways to support his/her learning, to provide assistance with things s/he can’t quite do yet, and to challenge him or her to develop to the fullest potential possible!