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About Walk-In Speech

Welcome to Walk-In Speech at the Brokaw Early Learning Center!
We are excited to get to know you and your child and begin working on speech and language skills with your child.
Our Classes
Your child will be attending speech class in a small group setting which will include the speech-language pathologist and preschool-aged peers. We will use a variety of teaching methods to help your child develop speech and language skills which may include reading books, playing games, creating art projects, singing songs, and imaginative play. We offer three levels of Walk-In Speech classes:
Walk-In 1 meets once a week for 60 minutes. The students in this class are working on minor errors in articulation or grammar and require reminders to use their good speech and language skills when speaking in words, sentences and while playing with peers.
Walk-In 2 meets twice a week for 60 minutes. Students in this class are taught a different speech sound each week using a pre-determined Cycles approach. These students practice their sounds each week until they become more successful with consistently producing the sounds. Once they have more mastery over their sounds, we will recommend they come once a week (Walk-In 1).
Walk-In 3 meets twice a week for 60 minutes. The students in this class work in a variety of speech sounds while also learning new vocabulary words, comprehension skills, and sentence building skills. Students in this class who make significant progress will be recommended for Walk-In 1.